Abdelrahman Moawad Ali Tahawi,AbdelsattarAbdelwahab Ayoub Othman,Ragab Ibrahim Ahmed Awad,Elsayed Mohamed Salem Salem Elawadi,Yousef A.Baker El-Ebiary,



The Internet,Websites,Online Speech,Social Media,Quranic Discourse,Rhetorical,


The means of developing Islamic discourse, from engagement to websites and social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), indicate that the direct means of Islamic discourse are many, including: Friday sermon, sermon, lecture, seminar, dialogue and debate. Among the most important innovative features of direct Islamic discourse: integration, balance, order of ideas, participation, compassion, civility, discussion, and attractiveness in presentation. The most important indirect means of Islamic discourse are the electronic means of communication through the Internet.Without doubt, the allocation of properties of the composition for the Quranic discourse helps to understand semantic, and that dosen’t mean the indication here as the first result from the composition, because this result was ascertaining in any level of expression, the composition of it came in a familiar style. What I meant was the second result, as launched by Abdul al-Qahir al-Jurjani (al-ma’ani al-Thawani) that does not happen to the range of mind’s perception except when they recite the composition with expressive capabilities, and composition movements. It was acknowledged that the context represents the foundation of indicators and its non-existence will lead to the scattered vocabularies that is not governed by; any relationship, because it does not connect to any context that can connect it to elements, consequently any analytical process for compositions will not be meaningful; because it is essential to depict the context with the analysis, and with the depiction of the context, the compositions obtains distinguish form in its expression’s vivacity, in which it widen different trends which some if it last long, and some displayed and some which occupy deeper subject, which contribute to its name of subject vivacity. The effect of this vivacity undoubtedly determines the understanding of indications of the Quranic discourse. the research presents characteristics of Quranic discourse commencing the meaning of discourse and its types, then presenting the distinguished style of discourse in the Holy Quran, its features and characteristics. then subject vivacity and this allocates the initial connections between subject vivacity and Quranic discourse and the consolation of this connection. finally conclude the important results followed by some recommendations.


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