Rizalafande Che Ismail,Nahg Abdul majid Alawi,Mohd Hafiz Yusoff,Syarilla Iryani A. Saany,Samer Bamansoor,Yousef A.Baker El-Ebiary,




E-Payment,E-Commerce,Insurance System,Accounting Issues,


Promises developments in information technology, the most affected accounting and communications, and this led to tremendous developments and leaps in accounting that are no longer limited to recording, tabulating, summarizing and presenting data in final accounts on the result of information aimed at providing diverse activity information but rather evolved to be a system for its users from internal parties And external, in order to rationalize decisions, and then it has become a social technology that touches all economic, administrative, social and technical variables in the world of business and finding the accounting treatments necessary for these variables and showing their implications accounting clearly. Insurance is a method or a way for people to make sure the compensation of the loss in life such as illness, damage loss in accident or another specified loss. When people register or use this method, it can cover all damage with a specified condition based on what plan that people register or take. The way of cover by insurance are by return of money or payment support for the damage. For example, a man suffer diabetes in his life, so when he register for an insurance plan, the insurance company will support this man by give the money support for that man to buy medicine or make a checkup at hospital. People that register to insurance agency, they have to pay to that agency by month. The payment cost is based on the plan that they pick. If the plan cover 100% damage the payment for monthly will be more expensive that plan that cover below than 100% damage. However, there are certain problem in insurance agency or company which are pre-existing condition and payment way by monthly or yearly. People are talking about the condition that are changing from the plan that they choose and face problem to make a problem online to certain insurance agency. Therefore, in this study, the paper focus to identify the key criteria of solution to solve this problem. The criteria of solution discussed hoping this solution will become a major guidelines to fix this problemin any insurance agency or company.


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