• A copy of the Article will be sent to 1st Author / Corresponding Author in PDF format for necessary correction as final Pre – Publication proof in the attached file.
  • Author/s must highlight the incorrect portion of the Article by underlining in RED COLOUR on the Copy (PDF) for proof.
  • Author/s must re-submit the corrected copy of the Article in MS WORD highlighting the corrected portion by underlining in RED COLOUR in the attached file along with the highlighted incorrect copy (PDF) for final proof WITHIN THREE (3) DAYS
  • If no change is required please mention that and return the final proof copy (PDF) in the attach file WITHIN THREE (3) DAYS
  • No major changes will be allowed in the full text of the paper at the time of the final Pre – Publication Proof submission. The only corrections will be allowed.
  • Any change in the Article will not be allowed after publication.
  • Please communicate to the Technical Team only. Technical Team JMCMS: