Topics of Interest

The main object of the journal is to become a quality International Journal in the field of Mechanics, Mathematics, and Mathematical sciences by publishing research papers of high quality. The journal publishes Theoretical, Numerical, and Experimental articles on the following subjects :

Mathematical Sciences:

Applied Mathematics,
Bio – Mathematics,
Discrete Mathematics,
Mathematical Physics,
Probability & Statistics,
Fluid Dynamics,
Fluid Machines.
Fluid Mechanics,
Geo – Dynamics,
Heat Transfer,
Solid Mechanics,
Waves and Vibrations,
Operation Research,
Artificial Intelligence,
Machine Learning,
Machine Vision,
Computational Intelligence,
Human-Computer Interaction,
Expert System

Engineering Sciences:

Computer Engineering,
Electronics and Communication Engineering,
Electronics & Electrical Engineering
Electrical Engineering,
Instrumentation & Control Engineering,
Mechanical Engineering,
Automobile Engineering,
Civil Engineering,
Architecture Engineering


Mathematical Physics,
Mathematical Chemistry,
Mathematical Biology,
Environmental Sciences,
Medical Science

Technology Management :

Information Technology,
Technology Entrepreneurship,
Technology Management.

The topic of the articles is not limited to the above-mentioned subjects only. We cordially invite research articles of high quality of any subject that will serve the purpose of greater interest of humanity.