Publication Procedure


After submission of an  Article, Author/s may find the status of the paper on the website of the journal within one week. The article will be sent to 3 Reviewers :

(A) Spelling and Grammar mistake checking.

(B) To peer Reviewers 2nd & 3rd for checking the quality of the Article

(C) If there is a difference of opinion between 2nd & 3rd Reviewers the article will be sent to the 4th reviewer to take final decisions regarding the quality of the paper. An average time of 4 weeks will be required to conclude the Reviewing process.

(D) All the reviewer’s reports will be placed in a meeting of the editorial board within one week. After the final decision of the editorial board acceptance letters will be issued by the Chief Editor of the Journal to the successful Authors for publication. 2 Weeks Average time will be required for publication after the final decision of the Editorial Board. Average 8 weeks will be required between submission and publication of an article.