Plagiarism & Duplicate Submission Policy

Journal of Mechanics of Continua and Mathematical Sciences follows COPE’s guidelines for Plagiarism for a submitted manuscript. It ensures that none of the parts of the manuscript is plagiarized from other sources and proper reference is furnished for all contents extracted from other sources. All the papers submitted have to pass through an preliminary screening and will be checked through the Advanced Plagiarism Detection Software (by DOCOLOC)

Plagiarism is the copying of ideas, text, data, and other creative work (e.g. figures, graphs, and tables) and presenting it as original research without proper citation. Separate from the issue of plagiarism is the need for authors to obtain permission to reuse previously published work (even if properly cited) from the holder of the copyright (which is typically not the author).

It is crucial that editors and reviewers be informed by the authors when any portion of a paper is based heavily on previous work, even if this work has been written by one or more of the authors of the paper. It is the responsibility of the author not only to cite the previous work, including their own but to provide an indication of the extent to which a paper depends on this work.

Duplicate Submission

Manuscripts submitted to publications must not be concurrently submitted elsewhere and should be withdrawn prior to any further submissions. Authors whose articles are discovered to have been simultaneously submitted elsewhere may face the consequence of being blacklisted for a minimum duration of one year. Regarding duplicate submission JMCMS follows COPE’s Guidelines for Duplicate submission