Abbas Ahmed Hasan Al-Jaberi ,Najim Abid Jassim ,



Space Cooling,Energy Saving,COP Enhancement,Solar Assistance,Water-Cooled Roof,PV panel Enhancement,


Due to significant demand on electrical energy on residence sector, especially those spend on space cooling for extreme hot summer countries in the middle east; moreover, the national electrical shortage supply issue in Iraq, it is a kind of interested and challenge at the same time to research for solution and utilize the redundancy of solar energy in such region. A test room was constructed 4.7*2.5*2.85m subjected to solar radiation all day time situated in Baghdad, a bunch of experimental testes were conducted for parametric study over summer season from April till October, the experiment testes were recurrent on monthly basis. The roof of test room was cooled by circulated water in pipes, the water is pre-cooled by evaporative cooler in separate system whilst the relatively cooled air is blew towards the A/C outdoor unit and other stream directed on back side of solar panels to minimize its average temperature for promoting performance aspects. Results indicated the energy save 33.53% over entire season when cooling the roof by water circulation and 9.01% energy saved due to A/C COP enhanced from cooling the condenser by cold air. Therefore COP was enhanced due to cold air effect from 2.90 to 3.39The solar panel temperature was minimized about 11°C that results to enhance the efficiency of PV panels from 12.1% to 12.8 %, solar system can handle the operation for 3hrs peak time when A/C is off as more energy was saved.


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