Automatic Parcel Sorting System based on PLC


Zahoor Ahmed,Tayyab Khan Kakar,



RFID,PLC,reliability,short time delivery,


The objective of this research paper is to explain the process of PLC based sorting of different parcels in companies. Automatic parcel sorting systems are essential for courier companies with a high distribution capacity and short time-to-deliver and courier companies need to increase the quality and reliability of their services as the Customers demand quicker deliveries of goods. In many courier companies parcel sorting and placing on their particular location is done manually which seems complex and takes time so we have decide to provide ease to courier companies by implementing a system which does all these work without the interference of human being. Our proposed project automatic parcel sorting system based on PLC is one of the useful projects for couriers companies; we used the technique of RFID for the identification of different parcel the solution that we are providing to the courier companies


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