Impact of Counterfeiting On Quality In Construction Industry In Peshawar


Aimal Khan,Muhammad Zeeshan Ahad,Imtiaz Khan,Fawad Ahmad,




During the studying and job author noticed that in construction industry, the counterfeit items, are many and becoming a high reason of concern for the population. Further digging out the subject, exploring the other parallel industries of neighboring economies shows that the counterfeit items are produce in such manner that it become an industry itself. And it has penetrated the other national and international trades of all sorts, where civil work industry is also not speared keeping that its growing day by day and profit margin is higher for the opportunist of the counterfeit material manufactures and distributors. China, Turkey, Taiwan are the main lands of these manufacturer to produce the counterfeit items where Honking, Malaysia, UAE are the main distributing hubs for these counterfeit products due to weak law enforcement or flexible business rules. The impact and presence of counterfeit material in civil industry Peshawar region, 150 participants were selected in three subgroups such as Contractors, client and consultants to collect data through open and closed ended questionnaires, interviews, discussion, physical inspection visits of manufacture, warehouses and deliveries regarding the availability, use and volume of the counterfeit products in the Peshawar market. This data was further analyzed and evaluated with SPSS. The outcome of the data evaluation on the subject exposes the enormous increase of counterfeit material in the industry special in wood work, water sanitation, electric items and civil works as these items were the target of this research. Most factors are the unawareness, low price, scarcity of original product in market that these items exist in substitute product.


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