Sanaullah Jamali,Zubair Ahmed Kalhoro,Abdul Wasim Shaikh,Muhammad Saleem Chandio,




Nonlinear equation,Interpolation,convergence,number of iteration,Accuracy ,


Its most important task in numerical analysis to find roots of nonlinear equations, several methods already exist in literature to find roots but in this paper, we introduce a unique idea by using the interpolation technique. The proposed method derived from the newton backward interpolation technique and the convergence of the proposed method is quadratic, all types of problems (taken from literature) have been solved by this method and compared their results with another existing method (bisection method (BM), regula falsi method (RFM), secant method (SM) and newton raphson method (NRM)) it's observed that the proposed method have fast convergence. MATLAB/C++ software is used to solve problems by different methods. 


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