Numerical Study Of Pulsatile MHD Non-Newtonian Fluid Flow With Heat And Mass Transfer Through a Porous Medium Between Two Permeable Parallel Plates


Mokhtar A.Abd Elnaby, Nabil T.M. Eldabe, Mohammed Y. Abou Zeid



A runge-kutta-marson method and a Newton Iteration in shotting and matching technique are used to obtain the solutions of the government equation. These equations resulted from the unsteady motion of the magneto-hydrodynamic biviscosity fluid with heat and mass transfer through a uniform porous medium between two permeable parallel walls, taking into account obtained as a perturbation technique. During this work we calculate an estimation of the global error by using Zadunaisky technique . The effects of upper limit of apparent viscosity coefficient, Reynolds number, permeability parameter, Forschheimer number, magnetic parameter, the steady component of the pressure gradient, the amplitude of the pulsation, Prandit number, Eckert number, Schmidt number, Soret number and the time on the velocities, temperature and concentration distribution are depicted graphically.  


non-Newtonian fluid, heat transfer,mass transfer, plates,


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Surface Waves In Visco-Elastic Initially Stressed Solid


Sudipta Sengupta, Indrajit Roy



The objective of this investigation is to study general surface waves and Rayleigh, love and stoneley waves as particular cases in visco-elastic solids under initial stress of hydrostatic tension or compression. Firstly, the general theory of surface waves in visco-elastic solids under initial stress has been formulated. The visco-elasticity of the solid medium involving time rate of stress and strain is considered to be of first order, The investigated problem and the wave-velocity equations are in fair agreement with the corresponding results of the classical problems in absence of viscosity and initial stress.


Surface wave,Visco-elastic solid,Initial stress,


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Hydromagnetic Unsteady Free Convection Flow Past An Impulsively Started Vertical Plate





The unsteady free convection flow of an electrically conducting fluid past an impulsively stared verical plate acted on by a uniform transverse magnetic field has been considered. The solutions are obtained analytically and their natures are shown graphically for different values of the Hartmann number.


convection flow ,magnetic flow,vertical plate ,Hartmann number,


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Thermal Stresses And Nonlinear Thermal Deformation Analysis Of Shallow Shell Panel


Bipi Karmakar, P. Biswas, R. Kahali, S. Karanjai



using the Galerkin's procedure, the problem of tharmal stresses and nonlinear tharmal deformation has been analysed for a shallow shell panel. The Variation of the central deflection for a square panel has been shown in tabular from.


thermal stress,thermal deformation,shallow shell panel,


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A Note On The Propagation Of Small Disturbance In A Compressible Inviscid Magnetic Fluid


Kanak Kanti Das



in this note, an attempt has been made to investigate the propagation of small disturbance incompressible magnetic fluid and the nature of the disturbance has been studied. It has been noticed that the disturbance velocity in magnetic fluids due to magnetic-striction pressure, is different from that in ordinary non-magnetic fluids.


magnetic fluid,propagation of small disturbance ,magneto-striction pressure,


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On The Flow Of A Visco Elastic Oldroydian Fluid In A Circular Pipe


Khondokar Anowarus Sadat



In this paper an attempt has been made to study unsteady flow of a visco-elastic Oldroydian fluid in a circular pipe. Using Laplace transformation technique the basic equations of motion and boundary conditions have been modified and using these modified equations and boundary conditions the solutions of the problem has been derived.


visco elastic Oldroydion fluid ,unsteady flow ,circular pipe,


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Steady Flow Of A Micropolar Fluid Through Coaxial Circular Cylinders Under Constant Pressure Cradient


Supriya Panja



The aim of this paper is to investigate the problem of steady flow of micropolar fluid  in an annulus bounded by two co-axial circular cylinders of radii a and b, b being greater than a. The annular flow takes place under the action of constant pressure gradient. The velocity and microrotatioin component as well as the rate of discharge of the fluid through the annulus and time of efflux have been derived analytically in closed froms. Numerical calculations have been  given to find out the velocity in viscous fluid and a percentage decrease in micropolar fluid and a persentage decrease in micropolar fluid over viscous fluid corresponding to this flow have been compared. The microrotation has also been calculated. It is clear from the numberical calculations that the fluid velocity is always less in micropolar fluid than in viscous fluid. Also the rate of discharge in micropolar fluid is considerably less than that of viscous fluid. In fact, all important results are less in micropolar fluid than the viscous fluid.


micropolar fluid,cylinder,steady flow,circular pipe,


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Effect Of Radiation On Hydromagnetic Vertical Channel Flow With Zero Heat Flux On The Boundaries


D.C. Sanyal, R. Chattopadhyaya



The effect of radiation on combined free and forced convection flow of an elactrically conducting viscous fluid through an open-ended vertical channel permeated by a uniform transverse magnetic field has been considered. The temperature in the wall has been supposed to very linearly with distance and there is no heat flux on the boundaries. Assuming optically thin limit, the experience for volocity, induced magnetic field, temperature and the non dimensional flow-rate are obtained and the influence of radiation on these quantities are observed either graphically or in tabulated forms.  


Viscus fluid,Convection flow,Magnetic fluid,Heat flux,Radiation,


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