Numerical Study Of Pulsatile MHD Non-Newtonian Fluid Flow With Heat And Mass Transfer Through a Porous Medium Between Two Permeable Parallel Plates


Mokhtar A.Abd Elnaby,Nabil T.M. Eldabe,Mohammed Y. Abou Zeid,



non-Newtonian fluid, heat transfer,mass transfer, plates,


A runge-kutta-marson method and a Newton Iteration in shotting and matching technique are used to obtain the solutions of the government equation. These equations resulted from the unsteady motion of the magneto-hydrodynamic biviscosity fluid with heat and mass transfer through a uniform porous medium between two permeable parallel walls, taking into account obtained as a perturbation technique. During this work we calculate an estimation of the global error by using Zadunaisky technique . The effects of upper limit of apparent viscosity coefficient, Reynolds number, permeability parameter, Forschheimer number, magnetic parameter, the steady component of the pressure gradient, the amplitude of the pulsation, Prandit number, Eckert number, Schmidt number, Soret number and the time on the velocities, temperature and concentration distribution are depicted graphically.  


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