Siok Yee Tan,Haslina Arshad,Meng Chun Lam,Asylah Suwadi,



Campus Tour,Mobile Application,Panoramas,Virtual Reality,,


The virtual tour is a simulation of a reallocation made with media like panoramas, image, text and etc. Virtual tours allow users to experience and see the location without visiting there. For example, instead of physically visiting to a country, user can sit back and virtually explore the country using their electronic devices. Many students not able to visit The National University of Malaysia campus before register themselves due to distance, time and maybe financing problem. There are many universities offer campus virtual tour visits to the students; University of Maryland, Taylor’s University and etc. The National University of Malaysia (UKM), Bangi campus has a huge infrastructure, it is hard for people unfamiliar with the campus to find their way around and they can get lost in the campus. An assistance from a simple tool can help visitors to navigate from one point to another. In this paper, a mobile application – UKM Explorer which used virtual reality technology to provide users with a simple platform for navigating locations prior to or subsequent to entering UKM using GPS technology is proposed. Beside provides a virtual tour of UKM campus through the panorama images of the point of interests. This application also offers the ability to search and pinpoint the exact locations of the point of interest such as the faculties, student accommodations, management buildings and other facilities in the campus.


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