Norazlina Mohamad Yatim,Emy Aqila Shariff,Zurina Shamsudin,Azizah Shaaban,Zaleha Mustafa,



CFRP,Epoxy resin,Thermolysis,Recycling,TGA,


This paper examines the recovery of carbon fibers (CF) from a polymeric composite waste of high end application industry. Thermolysis technique and gasification in nitrogen coupled with oxygen atmosphere is applied by particularly studied the influence of different process parameters (final heating temperature, atmosphere and heating rate). Thermal decomposition analysis of the high end application CFRP waste cured carbon fibre was studied by thermogravimetric analysis (TGA). The samples were heated in dual environment of nitrogen (420⁰C) and oxygen (540⁰C) at different heating rate (5 and 10⁰C/min). Visual inspection was performed with SEM and FT-IR, respectively to assess the morphological properties and chemical composition of the recovered CF. Molecules of epoxy resin components were found to decompose in nitrogen atmosphere followed by complete matrix decomposition in oxygen atmosphere. Lower heating rate at 5⁰C/min efficiently separate the left reclaimed carbon fibre from their matrix. The different system of CFRP from industrial waste required different recovering methods of CF


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