Structural Tribological Characterization and Mechanical Properties of Ti-Zr-N Coating Deposited By RF/DC Magnetron Sputtering


Hariharan.R,Raja.R,Golden Renjith,Nimal R J,



RF/DC magnetron sputtering,tribology,corrosion resistance,TiN/ZrN,


Ti-Zr-N film was formed by the E19 RF / DC steel vapor deposition magnetron sputtering method (100 W). The composition of the elements and the phases, the nanoureza were examined by SEM, XRD, AFM, corrosion or microhardness. Ti (DC- 100W) and Zr (RF-100W), camera pr = 3 x 10, evaporated pr = 2 x 10, air flow 15 sccm, nitrogen flow 3 sc cm manufactured by splash DC magnetron Much interest has been observed in the characterization of thin films of (Ti-Zr) N. We produce (Ti-Zr) N thin films and in this and in the mechanical, tribological and morphological studies presented. The thin film was prepared by the PVD (physical vapor deposition) method by spraying with an RF / DC magnetron using a titanium-zirconium lens with a purity of 99.99%. A mixture of argon and nitrogen was found for the discharge. The XRD analysis discovered that the Ti-Zr-N coating has high hardness compared to binary nitric acid TiN and ZrN. a rise in hardness is determined by increasing the Zr content. once tempering, however, it absolutely was found that the coating preserved higher hardness stability by reducing the Zr content. The TiN / ZrN multilayer microhardness augmented to 314 GPA at 200 ° C. Exploratory outcomes have demonstrated Improved coating (Ti, Zr) N the consumption opposition of the E19 substrate. The improved erosion obstruction is a result of the nanocomposite structure (Ti-Zr-N), that highlights a thick columnar microstructure that is tight to destructive fluids. Covering coatings (Ti, Zr) N have higher consumption obstruction than higher quality for both temperature levels.


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