Development and Investigation on Fiber Metal Laminates for Automobile Application


R. sharavanan,N.Ramanan,



FML,Fracture Surface,ballistic Analysis,FEA Simulation,


Metal fiber laminates (FML) are sheet materials based on stacked aluminium alloy layers and fiber strengthened plastic (GRP) layers. They demonstrated excellent potential for applications in the aerospace industry and enhanced mechanical characteristics, finishing the new type of aramid/glass/ carbon fibre laminate. In this work, aramid/glass fibres with Al 2024, Epoxy resin laminates were prepared and their impact response, stress-strain behaviour Experiments and numerical simulations were explored The 5-3/2 laminates of size 300x300 mm2 with thickness 3mm were prepared by using Hand lay-up Method, the specimens were prepared by using water jet machining as per standards for impact, Flexural, Hardness, shear and tensile test. Impact responses were taken from Charpy testing machine and tensile, Flexural stress-strain responses were done using 10 ton capacity, servo ball screw mechanism UTM. Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) was used to study tensile, flexural and effect surfaces of fracture specimens.


I. A generalized solution to the crack bridging problem of fibre metal
laminates G.S. Wilson , R.C. Alderliesten, R. Benedictus Structural
Integrity, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, Delft University of
Technology, The Netherlands
II. A Study on Flexural Properties of Sandwich Structures with Fibre/Metal
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III. Blast response of metal composite laminate fuselage structures using finite
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IV. comparative analysis of crack resistance of fibre-metal laminates with hs2
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Shen Y. L. chen school of mechanical and power engineering, harbin
university of science and technology, harbin, china published on 2015

V. Effect of stacking sequence on failure mode of fibre metal laminates under
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received: 20 june 2013 / accepted: 19 november 2013 Center of
Excellence in Experimental Solid Mechanics and Dynamics, School of
Mechanical Engineering, University of Science and Technology, Tehran,
VI. Effects of curing thermal residual stresses on fatigue crack properation of
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Mojtaba Sadighi , Ali Vojdani Aerospace Engineering Department,
Amirkabir University of Technology, 424 Iran, year of publishing 2013
VII. Experimental and numerical investigation of metal type and thickness
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VIII. Experimental characterization of a fibre metal laminate for underwater
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XI. Impact behaviour of glass fibre-reinforced epoxy/aluminium fibre metal
laminate manufactured by Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Moulding I.
Ortiz de Mendibil , L. Aretxabaleta, M. Sarrionandia, M. Mateos,
J. Aurrekoetxea Mechanical and Industrial Production Department,
Mondragon Unibertsitatea, Loramendi 4, Mondragon 20500, Gipuzkoa,
Spain year of publication 2016

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