Shaik Shaheen,Undamatla L N M Venkata Surya Prakash,Abhishek Kumar,Mohammad Arif,S.Thirumavalavan,



Titanium dioxide nanoparticles,Spectroscopy,Crystalline,


Sol gel technique is used in the preparation of titanium dioxide nanoparticles. 10ml of TTIP (Titanium tetra iso-propoxide) is mixed with Isopropyl alcohol and further vaccinated at 450oC for 3 hours. Various techniques are employed to determine the crystalline phase, Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) for the identification of functional group, Scanning Electron Micoscopy (SEM) for the partial size and surface morphology identification, Raman analysis to identify the polymorphism and local crystallinity. The other properties like optical properties of titanium dioxide nanoparticles are determined by Ultraviolet (UV) analysis. TGA (Thermo gravimetric analysis) to determine the thermal properties of titanium dioxide nanoparticles.


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