Sliding Mode Controlled PV System under Partial Shading


S. Sherine,S. Prakash,



Photo-voltaic-system ‘(P-V),,‘Fractional-Order-PID-Controller’ (FOPID),‘Maximum-power-point-tracking’(MPPT).,PV Buck Boost-Converter with inverter - PVBBCI,


Due to the rapid interest in renewable energy sources, the exploitation of solar energy becomes more. PV systems are responsible for extracting the maximum power from the incident solar irradiation irrespective to temperature and surface of the panel. Our proposed work mainly focus on effective utilization of Photovoltaic (PV) systems even under partial shading. This objective is achieved by using a SMC-controlled PVBBCI systems. This work also manages examination amongst FOPID and SMCPVBBCI method. The Open-loop-PVBBCI-system, closed-loop-FOPID-controlled- PVBBCI and SMC-based-PVBBCI-system are simulated using MATLAB/SIMULINK. Finally, with the MATLAB simulation results, SMC-PVBBCI technique has more preferences than the FOPID-controlled-PVBBCI systems with respect to improved efficiency, dynamic response and in maintaining constant voltage of PVBBCI system during partial shading conditions.


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