M. Sucharitha,B.Ravisankar,



Aluminum metal matrix composites (AMMC),AA6061,Magnesium AZ31B,


The extending global demands for advanced methods and environmental protection have encouraged manufactures to develop light weight components. There is a challenge to join the lightweight materials. Friction stir welding has many advantages when welding Mg alloys which has a many potential application in road transportation, aerospace, ship building, automotive and manufacturing industry field to join a magnesium alloy that are difficult to join by high temperature welding process. Friction stir welding is a not liquid stage joining process which has proper promising method for joining of soft materials like Zinc, Aluminium, Copper, Magnesium etc. In this work we are going to perform weld bed mechanical testing's (Tensile test, Hardness test, Micro structure) on welded base metals. These results will explain about all the above mentioned testing parameters which helps in deciding about the efficiency of welding joint of dissimilar metal.


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