Generation Of Electricity Using Bladeless Wind Turbine


B. Hemalatha,Balaji. S,S.Saravana,M. Prudhvi Bharadwaja Reddy,



Bladeless Wind Turbine,vortex Induced Vibration,Linear Alternator Method,


Wind power is considered one of the most reliable and sustainable alternatives. By the combination of improved technology and diminishing prices, its usage has increased in recent years. However, before wind can become the most viable form of alternative energy, certain barriers need to be overcome. For example, there are some indications that large-scale wind farms can cause high levels of bird and bat mortality, large turbines and wind blades have been known to have a negative impact on local aesthetics. The importance for switching to hasslefree and easier convenient streams within wind energy, for example, like adopting various principles, have affected to larger scale in the society.


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