Design and Implementation Challenges of Digital Controlled DC-DC Converters


Oladimeji Ibrahim,Nor Zaihar Yahaya,Nordin Saad,



Dc-Dc Power Converter,Digital Control ,Digital PWM,Distributed Generation, Voltage Regulation,


DC-DC converters are used at the front stage of multiple stage inverters for multiple energy sources integration and voltage regulation. The design has been dominated by conventional analogue techniques until recently that decline in the price to performance ratio of digital signal processor arose interest in digital control. Digital control offers high flexibility, programmability, less part number, monitoring and auto diagnosing capability. This paper presents a technical overview and design constrains of digitally controlled DC-DC power converter towards achieving fast and improved system dynamics. An insight is provided on the limitations of practical implementation of digital control DC-DC converters which includes the digital PWM resolution, the ADC sampling delay and limited control bandwidth of digital compensator.


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