Stylistic Features of European Architecture of Xx – Beginning Of Xxi Century In The Light Of Current Trends of the Time


Irina V. Portnova,Tatiana V.Portnova,



Architecture,Expression of Style,Technologies,Modern Age,Postmodern Society,


This paper assesses new trends in the European architecture of the 20th – early 21st centuries, reflecting the idea of ‘cosmism’ in contemporary times. The premises for meaningful changes, appearing at the turn of the centuries in different forms of figurative art, had crystalized in the 20th century in the concepts of universalistic Avant-Garde. Avant-Garde in painting and Post-Modernism in architecture celebrated a certain philosophy of an artist’s view on art's being in various forms of expression, and mirrored the need of a man-creator for everything anew. The architecture of large macrocosmic spaces has been regarded under the ecological aspect, suggesting creation of a comfortable life sphere for a person.


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