Advanced Engineering Methods for Design, Fabrication and Analysis of Hybrid Fiber Reinforced Small HAWT Blade


C.M.Meenakshi,A. Krishnamoorthy,Chapatti Venkateshwar Reddy,



Hybrid wind turbine blade,Reinforced bio-composites,3D printing,VARTM,FEA,


The bio-composites are the materials for future which will render sustainable solution to issues and challenges in using conventional materials. This research work focus on introducing sisal, flax and kenaf natural fibers in small wind turbine blade manufacturing along with glass fibers and comparing the performance of the blades, also demonstrates the percentage of natural fibers in the development of hybrid wind turbine blades for domestic and forming purpose. The manufacturing method used is Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding (VARTM) which is an advanced method of laminate composite manufacturing. This work also presents the comparative results obtained in the ANSYS software for small hybrid wind turbine blades which is designed using different compositions of reinforcements and matrix. The results show that hybrid fiber blades are performing well in terms of less weight, and static performances.


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