FEA and Mechanical Analysis of Magnesium AZ 80 Alloy and Aluminum 7075 Alloy using Diffusion Bonding


Golden Renjith Nimal R J,Sivakumar.M,Esakkimuthu.G,




magnesium alloy (Mg),aluminium alloy (Al),diffusion bonding,diffusion bonding,


The major problem in combining magnesium alloy (Mg) and aluminum alloy (Al) is that fragile oxide and inter metallic films are formed in the bond's region. The diffusion bond, however, is used to be a component of these alloys, although there are not many problems. In this study, it was attempted to analyze Mechanical characteristics such as shear strength roundness, Ram tensile strength, and different micro hardness diffusion bonding materials of AZ80 (Mg) and AA7075 (Al). The evaluation of the microstructure verified the bond value of the joints. This work aims to better understand and characterize the Bonding diffusion of comparable and different metals. In addition, optimum parameters for diffusion bonding of the aluminum coating to magnesium alloy with aluminum alloy should be obtained. This work seeks to better explain and characterize the bonding of comparable and different metals with diffusion..It also aimed to obtain optimum parameters for diffusion bonding of aluminum coating over magnesium alloy with aluminum alloy. These two metals are jointed inside the die after finishing surface treatment.


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