Vulnerability Assesment For Advanced Injection Attacks Against Mongodb


Vrinda Sachdeva,Sachin Gupta,





Nosql database is also known as not only sql database. For real time web application and for large set of distributed data, nosql database gaining popularity to handle big data. Nosql database has enormous function to handle big data. In contrast to this, nosql database also supports auto sharding, auto replication and many other feature making it suitable to be used as storage mechanism. Nosql database is used to store data in an unstructured way, when more attention is paid to Performance and real time access rather than consistency, then nosql databases seems to be more appropriate. However, research on the security of nosql database is very limited. Although, there are many research benefit in nosql database like scalability, faster data access and availability as compare to rdbms. But nosql database has some security issues. The experimental testing on advance nosql injections is performed. The demonstration of advance nosql injection attack against a nosql database is performed with php and JavaScript. It shows the client’s data. Method are discussed to prevent this type of security problems from happening again. This paper also shows how to create a security layer of nosql application to prevent nosql injection. In this paper, we will demonstrate, advance nosql injection attack and propose defense method to secure the nosql database. Hence nosql database programmer be aware of the nosql injection attack mechanism and build a more secure database to store huge data.


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