Sensitivity enhancement and comparison of MEMS/NEMS cantilevers


Anuj Kumar Goel,B.Hari krishna,S.Poongodi,



MEMS,Microcantilevers,COMSOL Multiphysics,


MEMS, macroscopic devices posses characteristic length of less than 1μm and integrate mechanical and electronic components on a single chip. Sensitivity is the major concern in existing MEMS/NEMS devices which are mostly made of elastic cantilever beam. In this work porous MEMS cantilevers are designed using Silicon dioxide, Polysilicon, Silicon nitride & Aluminium. The designed cantilevers are in the micrometer range with optimized dimension as l=120, w=10 and t=1.5 (all are in micrometers). Sensitivity is measured on Silicon dioxide based cantiliver with different type of hole on fixed end as rectangle, circle and ellipse. The ellipse hole gives better result (maximum resultant stress 1767.5 N/m2) in terms of sensitivity of the device. Futher elliptical hole parameters (position, number and dimension) are varied in order to achieve maximum stress and in response maximum deflection of microcantilevers. The optimized design achieved is implemented with two more materials viz. polysilicon and silicon nitride for comparison.


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