Azmatullah,Adil Afridi,Atif Afridi,Inayatullah Khan,



Artificial Pozzolan,SCBA,Compressive tests,


Pakistan annually produces approximately 50 Million tons of sugar cane and most of it is used for production of sugar. The industrial waste of sugar cane, known as bagasse, is mostly used as fuel for power generation in the same sugar industry. We have to study the properties of sugar cane bagasse ash in concrete, the main variables in this study are the amount of sugar cane bagasse ash (0, 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 percent by weight of cement) as a partial replacement of cement in concrete. We conclude that to improve the quality and reduce the cost of construction material. The importance of this work is to make sugar cane bagasse ash (SCBA) as a construction material.


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