Techno-economic planning with different topologies of Fiber to the Home access networks with Gigabit Passive Optical Network technologies


Abid Naeem,Shahryar Shafique,Sheeraz Ahmad,Nadeem Safwan,Sabir Awan,Fahim Khan,



Fiber to the Home,Access Network Topologies,Home-Run and Gigabit Passive Optical Network architectures,


The Optical Network is considered an important asset to any telecom operator. One of the most critical issues to the operators is how they can minimize the deployment cost and maximize the Return of Investments (ROI) by optimizing the operational costs in the optical network. Deployment of future-proof access networks requires new infrastructure and new equipment and, on top of it, raises many questions regarding the costs and risks associated with the technology, telecommunications market, and legal regulations of these networks. This paper presents the techno-economic analysis of the planning of FTTH access network topologies with GPON technologies that includes a series of scenarios in combination with tree, eye and tree topologies of eye and architectures Home-Run and GPON. In order to get realistic results, the techno-economic study has been applied to different urban areas in the city of Peshawar, capital of KPK. Cost/benefit analysis is performed in order to determine the most influential parameters and give general guidelines for the deployment of new-generation optical access networks in different environments. Analysis also shows that the price for new services that a customer needs to pay is competitive in the market today. Today, the service providers seek penetrate the telecommunications market with more advanced plans and complex network designs to reach a greater number of users and expand the range of services that offer. This is where FTTH networks along with technology GPON play an important role, as they meet this challenge. In this work, we present a FTTH network with GPON technology, the parameters related to the main conduit and network Elements (NE) connected to the Splice points (SP), among other aspects. Combining these topologies with their respective architectures would help the network planners to reduce the planning time of this type of networks and investment costs.


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