Power Generator Automation, Monitoring and Protection System


Muhammad Aamir Aman,Muhammad Zulqarnain Abbasi,Akhtar Khan,Waleed Jan,Mehr-e-Munir,




Power generator,Protection system, Auto transfer switch,Potential Transformer,Current Transformer,LCD,Analogue to digital converter,Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA),


The aim of the article is to develop a system, which uses microcontroller as central part to control the system and monitor the electrical parameters of power generator. In this project microcontroller take the value of frequency and voltage from Analogue to digital converter (ADC) which is interfaced with Potential Transformer(P.T). For counting the frequency, the output of operational amplifier will be measured through microcontroller, in case the value of current shows any abnormal behavior the system will first display the load cut off reason on LCD and then cut off the load for the sake of protection through relay. Another feature of this project is the Auto transfer switch (ATS). If the power from utility companies is available then the generator will be in off state and whenever electrical power from the utility company is suspended, the ATS system will automatically turn on the generator and transfer the load to generator and as the power will be restored from utility company the generator will be automatically turn off and the load will be transferred to the mains line.


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