Lokanath M,Eswar balachandar G,Ramanjaneyulu. B,M. Venkata Subbaiah,A. H. Kiran Teja,



Hydrogen,Alternate Fuel,Electrolysis,Electrodes,Fuel Consumption,Emission,


From an environmental point of view, emission from the engine exhaust system is a serious problem. Alternative fuels are encouraged for this search. Hydroxy gas (HHO) is Considered to be one of the secondary sustainable energy to meet the strict emission standards and maintain the greenhouse effect. Therefore, this paper experiment is carried out adding a secondary fuel hydrogen gas with diesel fuel in the CI engine. HHO is one of the best Choices that pertains to the fuel's complete combustion and thus also helps to reduce harmful gas emissions. The experiment is carried out on the 4-stroke, Single cylinder engine, using HHO for a diesel engine. At the engine inlet manifold, the HHO gas is supplied by the HHO kit. The HHO gas mixes with fuel, and enhances the process of combustion. The experimental investigation was performed for different HHO gas pressures, and the efficiency was evaluated and compared to pure diesel. The results show that  HHO Performance at inlet pressure 3 kg/cm2,Mechanical efficiency is increased by 5%,Brake thermal efficiency is increased by 7%,Specific fuel consumption is decreased by 0.0262 Kg/KWH, Volumetric efficiency is increased by 5.3%  compared to pure diesel.


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