HayatA. Ali,MohammedR. Salman,




Newtonian fluid,Homotopy perturbation,Porous medium,Convective thermal,


The peristaltic transport of MHD Newtonian fluid under the effect of Porous Medium in an inclined tapered asymmetric channel is analyzed mathematically. Convective Thermal and concentration is discussed. The governing equations, i.e. (continuity, motion, energy, and concentration) are simplified by using a long wavelength and small Reynolds number approximations into a system of non-linear differential equations which solved approximately with the help of Homotopy perturbation method for velocity, streamlines, temperature, and concentration. The impact of important, relevant parameters on the flow is discussed graphically. We noticed that the velocity curve and trapping phenomenon reduced by increasing the Hartman number the magnetic field parameter because of the existence of Lorentz force and increasing in ascending value of permeability parameter. Further, A reduction behavior of temperature and concentration profile is depicted with the higher value of the Biot number of heat and mass transfer.


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