Iman Abdalkarem Hassan,Nabil Hassan Hadi,Whab K. Yousif,



Wheeled mobile robot,dynamic uncertainty,Kinematic and dynamic controller,Dynamic control,Transient efficiency,


This paper suggests a scheme for trajectory tracking on a two wheeled mobile robot using integral sliding mode control method in the presence of external disturbances and inertia uncertainties. In this study the modified adaptive sliding mode controller for nonholonomic wheeled mobile robot is developed. Nonlinear control used to combine the kinematic and dynamic controller to follow the desired path. Firstly, the desired path is created. Secondly, the kinematic tracking controller used linear and angular velocities form reference model and feeds posture and velocities errors as input term in the sliding controller. Finally, the dynamic control was used to follow the path. Proposed control system is verified and validated using MATLAB\SIMULINK to track the required WMR trajectory and it is shown that the suggested system has better transient efficiency on different trajectories with acceptable steady stateerror.


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