Bassam Ali Ahmed,Fathi Abdulsahib Alshamma,



Stress,dynamic crack propagation,crack tip,analysis,plate,


This paper presents the influence of cycling impact loading and temperature on dynamic crack propagation in thin plates for two types of aluminum plates (7075, 6061) with aspect ratio (1.5,2) and plate boundary conditions (CSCS& SFSF). Using analytical solution and numerical analysis, crack lengths have (3, 5) mm and crack angle (45o). Analytical solution using program (MATLAB-16), the purpose of analytical solution to get the mechanical and thermal stress with time at crack tip in thin aluminum plate, then calculate the dynamic crack propagation under the effect of these stresses. Numerical analysis using program (ANSYS-18 APDL) based on finite element method, the purpose of numerical analysis to obtain mechanical and thermal stress respect with time at the tip of the crack in thin aluminum plate, then calculate the dynamic crack propagation under the mechanical and thermal stresses effect. The results showed that the dynamic crack propagation increased as the crack length increased, and also found that the dynamic crack propagation decreased as the aspect ratio of the plate increased.


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