Samia Dardouri,Rund Fareed Mahafdah,Omaia Mohammad Al Omari,Ridha bouallegue,



SC-FDMA,QoS,LTE,Scheduling algorithms,Resource allocation,Uplink direction,throughput,fairness,Packet loss ratio,Spectral Efficiency,


The radios must be distributed in the best way possible to provide higher quality of service (QoS) to users. A main component of Long-Term Evolution (LTE) processing is the packet scheduler, which includes all time and frequency support in active flows. We evaluate in this article three different scheduling algorithms in the uplink transmission path for the mixed forms of traffic flows for the Single Carrier Frequency Division Multiple Access (SC-FDMA). We apply metrics which allow fast evaluation of performance measures such as throughput, Packet Loss Ratio (PLR), Fairness Index (FI) and Spectral Efficiency (SE) by using the LTE-Sim open source simulator. The main contribution of this paper is to determine the appropriate uplink scheduling algorithm for VOIP and video traffics in 3GPP LTE


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