Iyad Katib,



CUDA,GPU,Histogram Approach,Median Filter,OpenMP ,


The Median Filter (MF) is one of the problems that need massive computational resources to perform its operation in a moderate time.  The MF can be implemented on traditional CPUs and GPUs.  Investigating the performance in terms of processing time of the MF on different architectures can provide the researchers with wider vision to optimally select the computational resources that best fit the required time needed to remove salt and pepper noise.  This paper shows the impact of different parameters affecting the MF processing time.  Resolution of the frame, frame rate per second, and the MF r value are investigated in order to decide both the preferred architecture and algorithm.  OpenMP has been deployed on CPUs and CUDA has been deployed on Nvidia GPGPU K20.  Experimental results show that histogram approach and K20 using CUDA are the best choice for processing 4K resolution with r > 2 and HD resolution with r > 4. For VGA resolution and r > 6, histogram approach and CPU using OpenMP are the best choice.  The paper provides a way to select the architecture-algorithm pair suitable for implementing the MF


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