Faiza Chishti,Fozia Hanif,Urooj Waheed,Yusra Khalid,



Operational matrix of derivative,Operational matrix of integration,Operational matrix of the product of Shifted Chebyshev polynomials of type four,


While solving the fractional order differential equation the requirement of the higher-order derivative is obvious therefore, this paper gives a definite expression for constructing the operational matrices of derivative which is the direct method to find the derivative of higher-order according to the requirement of the total differential equation. The proposed work expands the Chebyshev polynomial of type four up to six degrees that could help get the accuracy for the numerical solution of a given differential equation. Previously Chebyshev polynomial of the third type has been used by cutting the domain from [-1, 1] to [0, 1]. This study also generates the integrational operational matrix for solving the integral equation as well as an integrodifferential equation by using the Chebyshev polynomial of type four and expand it up to six order and generate the matrix by cutting the domain from [-1, 1] to [0, 1].  This is the first attempt to generate an integrational operational matrix that has never been highlight nor generate by any researcher.  Another contribution of this paper is the generation of categorical expressions for the product of two Chebyshev vectors that will help in solving the differential equation of several kinds.


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