Shilpa P Bhorkar,V. N. Bhaiswar,J. P. Modak,



Mathematical Modeling,spinning machine,vibration amplitude,


The present paper describes the formation of Mathematical Model for vibration amplitude, processing time, energy consumption, and productivity of cotton spinning machine. Traditionally spinning is the process in which twisting of yarn fiber of drawn - out standard. For this research, solar powered spinning machine (amber charkha) is selected. So this research work is carried out for the study of machine with respect to vibration amplitude, processing time, energy consumption, and productivity andto optimize all these dependant parameters. This MathematicalModel resembles the relationship between independent variables and dependent variables. As such mathematical model (log-log model) has been formed along with reliability test and sensitivity analysis.Study concludes the effect on dependent parameter due to variation in independent parameter.This research paper revealedremedial action for smoother and good outputs of the spinning machine.


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