Nikesh V V,Hitesh K B,K Rakesh,Joel J Antony,Mohammed Nabeel Khan,




Water Level,Sensors,Ultrasonic,ZigBee,Control,


A review on different methods used to measure the level of water in a reservoir and its control. Water is an extremely important resource for every living organism on the planet and its wastage should be prevented. Water level measurement in overhead/underground tanks and its control is very crucial. A number of methods are there to measure the level of water in a reservoir and most of these methods have their advantages and disadvantages. The different water storage methods have their unique challenges in water level measurement and it control. Various types of sensors are used to make the measurements and an appropriate communication technology is used. Here a survey of the different method used for the measurement and control are discussed. Zigbee based measurement and control system was found to be the most efficient.


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