Face Recognition using Deep Neural Networks


Amirhosein Dastgiri, Pouria Jafarinamin,Sami Kamarbaste,Mahdi Gholizade,




face mode,deep neural network,deep learning,


Face recognition is one of the most important issues in the machine vision, which has many applications in the industry and other issues related to the vision of the machine. There are many algorithms in the field of machine learning to detect facial expressions. In recent years, deep neural networks are one of the areas of research. Because of its excellent performance, this technique is widely used in face recognition. Facial features are useful for a variety of tasks, and the application of deep neural network is very fast. In this paper, a method for recognition of facial expressions is presented using the features of the deep neural network. A deep neural network is used to summarize images and classify them. The proposed model focuses on identifying the faces of a person from a single image. The work algorithm is a multilayer neural network with a deep learning concept. The results show that in some cases, the recognition rate is very high.


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