Comparison IFOC Scheme of Three Phase Optimal 63 Level Multilevel Inverter Connected Induction Motor using FLC and ANFIS


Mr. Bolla Madhusudana Reddy,Y.V.Siva Reddy ,M.Vijaya Kumar,





This paper proposes initially an optimal structured single phase 63 level Multi level Inverter-(MLI) with Sinusoidal Pulse Modulation-(SPWM) and it can be extended to three phase 63 level MLI which is built with three individual single phase 63 level MLIs connected in star form and later it is fed to three phase star winding induction motor drive. The proposed MLI generates more number of levels with minimum switches, DC sources, low switching losses and reduced THD while compared with traditional MLIs. In the next subsequent case indirect field Oriented Control (IFOC) method is implemented through fuzzy Logic Controller-((FLC) of optimal 63 level MLI feeding induction motor(IM) drive for checking speed of motor, sudden load variation, parameters changes. Later the same method of AC drive tested with Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) which gives better performance than AC drive with FLC. The proposed optimal MLI fed IM drive with IFOC gives improved performance using ANFIS in view of its high-quality dynamic performance and minimum THD.


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