Suha Dh. Athab,Nassir H. Selman,




Optic Disc,Optic Cup,Drishti_GS,Retinal fundus,Glaucoma Diagnosis,


Glaucoma is a visual disorder, which is one of the significant driving reason for visual impairment. Glaucoma leads to frustrate the visual information transmission to the brain. Dissimilar to further eye diseases such as myopia and cataracts, the influence of glaucoma can’t be cured; however, the disease ranked as 2􀯡􀯗 driving reason for blindness according to the organization of the health world. Among eye sickness anticipated to influence around 80 million individuals by 2020. Raising the fluid pressure well-known by intraocular pressure (IOP) is the prime cause of Glaucoma disorder .Diagnoses of glaucoma could be achieved through observing the adjustment in the structure of Optic Nerve Head (ONH) to get its features. The proposed methodology suggests to extract region of Interest (ROI) and blurred its red band to enable the segmentation of Optic Disc(OD); followed by inpainting blood vessels stage to facilitate the work of the next stage, which was segmentation of the Optic Cup(OC), the accuracy rate, sensitivity and specificity for detection OD segmentation was 94.7549%, 95.058%, and 95.93%, respectively. The accuracy rate, sensitivity, and specificity for OC segmentation 94.3254%, 0.7877%, 0.9848% respectively.


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