Alexander A. Prikhodko,



Rotational motion,Intermittent motion,Elliptical gearwheels,Planetary mechanism,Kinematic analysis,Angular velocity,


Machines with intermittent movement of working body are widely used in industry. Currently, mechanisms with unilateral constraints or variable structures are used as actuators of such machines. Output link stops in most mechanisms are provided by periodic rupture of the kinematic connection between the links. This disadvantage limits the use of these mechanisms in high speed machines, since impacts occur at the end or beginning of the motion phase. So, there is a relevant task to create, analyze and effectively put into practice intermittent motion mechanisms (IMMs) in which during operation the kinematic constraint between the links is not broken. The author proposes and analyzes planetary trains, which include modified elliptical wheels. The variable transfer function of a non-circular wheel pair and certain dimensions of the mechanism links make it possible to obtain required motion function. The kinematics of the proposed IMMs is analyzed, as a result of which the functions of the angle of rotation and the analogue of the output shaft angular velocity are found and constructed. Created mechanisms due to the use of gears perform reliability and compactness with the possibility of transferring great forces, and they can find application in metalworking machinery, automatic lines, robotics, transporters.


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