V. Velmurugan,N.N. Praboo,



CRONE Controller,ZN-PID,TGC,Mechanical active suspension system,Nichols chart,


In the last few decades, significant progress has been made in the field of Process Control and instrumentation and offers a unique controller named CRONE, which is a noninteger controller to ascertaining the solution of the system under various model uncertainties. This paper proposed to analyzes the performance of CRONE controllers for a mechanical domain of Active Suspension System. To avoid vibration and providing a comfortable vehicle should design the active suspension system using CRONE controllers. The work reveals the design and implementation of CRONE controllers for a Mechanical Active Suspension System (MASS). The mathematical modeling of the transfer function for MASS is analytically derived and analyzed performance is obtained by MAT lab Simulink. The simulation results of the servo response for the CRONE controller are recorded. The Third Generation of CRONE (TGC) controller performance is analyzed in terms of error indices and time-domain parameters. In addition to that, the conventional ZN-PID controller is designed and compared with the TGC controller. Hence it is concluded that the performance of the TGC controller proves superiority over the ZN-PID controller.


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