Asish Mitra,Dilip Kumar Gayen,



Artificial Neural Network,Brownian Motion,Isothermal Vertical Plate,Natural Convection,Nanofluid,Porous Medium,Thermophoresis.,


In the present numerical study, steady, laminar, two-dimensional flow in a porous medium saturated by nanofluid along an isothermal vertical plate is covered. Here we have considered a realistic situation where the nanoparticle volume fraction at the plate surface (boundary condition) is passively controlled by assuming that its flux there is zero. We make use of the Buongiorno model that treats the nanofluid as a two-component mixture, incorporating the effects of Brownian motion and thermophoresis. The Darcy model is employed for the porous medium. By suitable similarity variables, the governing nonlinear partial differential equations of flow are altered to a bunch of nonlinear ordinary differential equations. They have been transformed into a first-order system afterward and then integrated using Newton Raphson and adaptive Runge-Kutta methods. The computer codes are produced for this mathematical investigation in a Matlab environment. To accurately predict major parameters (reduced Nusselt number, Nur, Thermophoresis parameter, Nt Brownian motion parameter, Nb and buoyancy-ratio parameter, Nr), an artificial neural network (ANN) is developed, trained, and tested by numerically simulated data. The dependence of the reduced Nusselt number on these parameters is represented through a linear regression correlation.


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