Olga I. Ohrimenko,Maria L. Vilisova,Violetta V. Rokotyanskaya,BelaB. Bidova,Anna S. Popovskaia,



technical systems,engineering systems,mathematical models,management,system analysis,complex system,


This article outlines the theoretical, methodological and practical problems of analysis and synthesis of complex systems. The static or dynamic property of a system can be evaluated when the system structure is known, and all its parameters are specified. The objective of system analysis is to find an exact analytical or approximate solution of equations based on a corresponding mathematical model, as well as its further research. Theoretical conclusions and results have allowed to build mathematical models applicable to the management of objects with different principles of operation, in particular, to the management of complex technical and technological objects that can be represented as nonlinear dynamic systems. Nonlinear dynamic integral models are deemed appropriate to study and design such systems in some critical application.


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