Srikar Gemaraju,Kiran Kumar Yadav Aerra,Suresh Gamini, Phaneendra Kumar Kopparthi, Bhaskara Rao Pathakokila,




Digital image correlation,Displacement,Strain, Error,


In the earlier days, the displacement and strain were being measured by conventional techniques. The most useful and efficient tool put in practice with the implementation of advances in technology to measure displacements and strains on the region of interest of the object is full field optical measurement technique. This technique is a non-contact optical method known as digital image correlation (DIC), which compares the images captured before and after deformation and stores in a computer for the measurement of displacements and strains.These can be determined considering the displacement of speckles deposited on the surface of object. In this paper, the two-dimensional digital image correlation (2D-DIC) and three-dimensional digital image correlation (3D-DIC) are presented and its fundamental concepts are discussed.


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