Phaneendra Kumar Kopparthi,Kiran Kumar Yadav Aerra, Srikar Gemaraju, Bhaskara Rao Pathakokila, Suresh Gamini,




Tension, Flexure,Artificial defect, Knee,Four-point loading,Delamination ,


The woven E-glass/epoxy composite with circular artificial defect located at center position between first and second plies was manufactured using hand lay-up method. The composite consisted of twelve layers of glass cloth. Experiments were conducted in tension and flexure with four-point loading to determine the behavior of laminate. The results were compared with those of laminates without artificial defect. A knee was observed on the load displacement curve for the laminate without defect loaded in tension. Results show that the defect does not affect considerably the tensile strength of the composite and the existence of defect influences highly the flexural properties.


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