Kamran Malik,Muhammad Mujtaba Shaikh,Kashif Memon,Muhammad Saleem Chandio,Abdul Wasim Shaikh,




Cubature,Double integrals,Derivative-based schemes,Order of accuracy,computational cost,errors,Trapezoid,


In this work, double integration cubature schemes of Trapezoid type have been focused. Recently, some derivative-based Trapezoid-type schemes have been proposed in literature incorporating derivatives at means of the limits of integration. We carry out the exhaustive performance evaluation of the existing closed Newton-Cotes Trapezoidal (CNCT) double integral scheme with its derivative-based variants in recent literature. The derivative-free and derivative-based rules are discussed in basic forms with local error terms and composite forms with global error terms. The performance of the rules on some double integrals in the form of observed order of accuracy, computational costs and error drops demonstrates the encouraging performance of the derivative-based trapezoidal variants over the derivative-free scheme performing numerical experiments.


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