A Deliberate and Comprehensive Derivation from an Equation of the Special Theory of Relativity


Prasenjit Debnath,




The special theory of relativit, the general theory of relativit,the physical time,mass and velocity,the velocity of light,relativistic mass,


A remarkable year was 1905 in physics and astronomy when Einstein first proposed the special theory of relativity. This theory is the foundation of modern astronomy and astrophysics. This theory was also the foundation of the theory of general relativity proposed by Einstein in 1915 to incorporate gravity into the system. Thus, the special theory of relativity already became of supreme importance in physics since the beginning of nineteenth century and it continues to be the right from the word go theory in modern physics. An attempt is made in this paper for a deliberate and comprehensive derivation from an equation of the special theory of relativity. The derivation is made with an aim to look deep inside of the theory of special relativity to conclude a comprehensive conclusion. Also some conceptual modifications are arranged to justify the conclusion. The physical time, mass and velocity are related in some equations in this paper.


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