A Comprehensive Explanatory Derivation from an Equation of the Special Theory of Relativity; Doppler Effect is a Property of Space – Time


Prasenjit Debnath,




The theory of special relativity,the theory of general relativity,the space – time,Doppler Effect, the speed of light–the Universal speed limit of the Universe,


Einstein was pioneer in his work of the theory of special relativity and the theory of general relativity. This paper took a famous equation from the theory of special relativity to have a comprehensive explanatory derivation from the equation of the theory of special relativity. This paper also explains why there is always constancy of the speed of light, the universal speed limit of the Universe, disregard of movement in or away of source that transmits light and the movement in or away of body that receives light. This paper also shows that Doppler Effect is a property of space – time. The Doppler Effect can explain why there is the constancy in the speed of light.


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